Student Blog Reflection

Throughout the year, I want students to reflect on their blogs.  I have posed a few different times for them to do so.  Here are my mid-year questions for them:

Choose either your favorite blog entry or your least favorite blog entry.  If you choose your favorite, expand on the topic.  If you choose your least favorite, rewrite it, so you like it more.  If you don’t like the topic, you can change it slightly, but keep parts of the original topic.  Don’t just write about a different topic altogether.  Keep your original and blog your new.  Once you are done, I want you answer the following questions in English:

1.  What was your favorite line from your original writing, and why do you like it?  

2.  What was your least favorite line and how did you change it?

3.  Did you notice any grammatical errors?  Were they consistent or different?

4.  Why was this piece your favorite or least favorite?

5.  What have you noticed about your writing through writing this blog?

At the end of the year, I plan on having them complete this reflection.  I am hoping that blogging and reflecting on it will help them become more aware of their abilities.

6 thoughts on “Student Blog Reflection

    1. We use Haiku LMS as our platform, so technically, I could have them create a wiki in there. I have decided to have them use WordPress because I love it so much. I feel like it adds some legitimacy since it is an actual blog platform. I will say that people who have done this before warned me to have the students all work on one blog. I am going to have them create separate blogs for now, but next year, I may change my mind!

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