Help! Blended/Online classroom

I could use some A LOT of advice!  Next year, I will be blending my Spanish II class.  This means that two days a week (including a long block), we will be meeting face to face and two days a week students will be meeting virtually.  I have to finish my online part of the class by the end of June.  I have started three units, but I worry about the repetitiveness of it.  I don’t want students to dread virtual days.  Here are some of my ideas so far:

-Students will be keeping an online blog/journal.  I have already listed some of the ideas for their writing, and I am going to add all of them once I am done.

-They will watch videos, listen to podcasts, create videos and complete authentic scavenger hunts like this one.

-They will backchannel at times as well and participate in online discussions.

What else can I add?  I want to incorporate more Zachary Jones materials because he does such a great job with his.  If you could help me out by letting me know:

-What would spice this up?

-Is there another way that you incorporate technology in your class?

-Is there another blogger who teaches online/blended classes in the FL?  (Or in general at this point)

-Any other advice that you have about teaching online/blended classes?

My full class will debut in late summer, but for now, thanks for your help!


One thought on “Help! Blended/Online classroom

  1. If you want repetition and practice on vocabulary, I have found to be effective. Maybe to introduce the vocabulary. It records progress as well, which could be counted towards participation. You can also use for vocabulary or grammar practice.
    If you go to and select the Avancemos books, then go to Online Tutor, there is listening practice, videos, grammar explanations and practice. Theh can also send you the results.
    I hope it helps. Keep us posted on you activities and progress!


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