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Happy Monday & things to make your Monday happier!

Whoa!  That weekend was much needed!  However, my to do list by the end of this week (8th grade graduation that I am somehow in charge of- how did that happen?!) is EXTREMELY long.  On the positive side, my father-in-law just retired from the Navy community after 48 years!  He is coming to address the 8th graders on Thursday, and I am so excited for everyone to hear him talk.

But to get us there, I thought I would add the following two things that are making my life better:

  1. Have you heard of the blog Love Teach?  She is fabulous and hilarious!  All of her posts have me nodding my head in agreement.  Check it out and smile!  Her post about the end of the school year is definitely me.  I can’t force myself to write an agenda on the board at all now.  (Probably not something good to admit because my Academic Dean reads my blog…)  Anyway, you should read this now.
  2. If you have not, consider signing up for LangCamp 2014.  I didn’t get to participate as much last year because I was furiously planning for my long term sub, but this summer will be my summer of LangCamp.

Happy Monday!


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