Simple Sundays: June 1, 2014

I haven’t blogged on Sunday recently, but I recently saw this post from We Are Teachers about the Top Ten List for teachers to do this summer.  It is great- especially the Target one!  Here is my top ten for the summer:

1.  Go to the beach!  I grew up by the beach, and this is a necessity for me.  (You can sub the pool though!)

2.  Go out to lunch (and have a glass of wine if that suits you!)  I am always jealous of people who have work lunches when sometimes I barely have time to use the bathroom during my lunch break.  I sit with my students which is great, but it means I must be in lunch every day.  Having a leisurely lunch is so amazing.

3.  Visit a museum or zoo.  I love being able to take the metro into DC and visit all of the museums that I want to go to during the year.

4.  Consider a professional development that is not specifically tailored to your discipline.  I loved taking an art PD recently.

5.  Stay up past 9:30 pm!  (Is this just me?!)

6.  Go to the doctor/dentist/hair stylist.  (Is this just me still?!)

7.  Take a nap… or lots of naps!  I am very lucky that my baby is a good napper, and he takes after his mother.

8.  Go to a farmer’s market… a lot!  Is there anything better than good summer produce?

9.  Catch up on my non-teaching blogs- How Sweet Eats, Young House Love- you are calling my name!

10.  Go back to yoga and try that barre class that everyone is talking about- it is finally not 30 minutes away from me!

What is on your list?  Is summer already here for you?  …wait, don’t answer that last one!

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