Team Names

We are in the throes of reviewing for finals.  I feel like this shortened week has really taken a beating on me for some reason!  The end is nearly in sight… but not as close as everyone wishes!  We have to review all of the topics for a week, so it can get a little repetitive.  I love a good game, so today we played a fair amount of review games to spice things up for everyone.  I found this post, and it had a great idea for how to allow students to pick their names.  (It is also sort of a review as well!)  They have to pick a food first and a color second.  Easy!  Some of them went for alliteration (refresco rosado) and others went for the naranja naranja.  Others were more entertaining such as carne verde.  In the end, it was quick and fun!  You could do this with different things too to keep things interesting for your students.  Hope you are surviving this week better than I am!

2 thoughts on “Team Names

  1. Good Idea! I do something similar for when they choose their Spanish names at the beginning of the year. They don’t get to pick actual names like Maribel and Jorge. Instead, I give them a list of silly names (many are animals that they would not learn otherwise) like Bigote, Princesa, Unicornio, Traviesto, etc.

    1. I go back and forth about choosing Spanish names. I did it two years ago with a class of seven, and I only kept it up with one boy (Pepe). I just can’t remember two names!

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