Options on my final exam

Writing section on my exam
Writing section on my exam

As I have said, I like to spice up my final exam.  One way that I do that is to provide choices.  My listening section on the final is always a song.  This year, I am allowing my students to vote on the song that they want for the final exam.  I will change the blanks in the song, so they won’t know which one to use.  I like to give them some ownership of the exam.

I have also started trying to figure out how to ask higher order thinking questions on my reading section.  I always ask questions to check reading comprehension, but I add different topics.  I have asked students to write Tweets or Facebook updates in Spanish from characters in the story.  I have also asked students to continue a story and give it a different ending.

I also give three different writing sections, and the students only have to complete two writing sections.  This gives them a choice on what they write.  This differentiates the exam for students as well.  They can choose which they would rather do.  When we think about the exam as an opportunity for students to show off what they can do, it looks a lot different then if we think of it as a TEST ON EVERYTHING WE HAVE COVERED FOR THE WHOLE YEAR! (AH!)

Since I was not here during the fall exam, I am going to do this activity for the spring.

What do yall do to spice up your exams and provide differentiation?

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