Papeles locos


I could have sworn that I mentioned this activity before, but I couldn’t find it!  Did I blog about it before?  Am I losing my mind?!  The idea came to me from Sra Rutherford’s blog.  I wrote different vocabulary words on the top of a piece of paper, and each team (of two to three students) received a different color marker.  I wrote about ten vocabulary words for four groups.  You could really go crazy, and write a lot for an exam review.  Then, I crumpled all of the papers up and put them in the middle of the room.  Each team picked a paper and had to write a sentence using that verb or noun.  They crumpled up their piece of paper and picked a new one.  I gave points to teams who corrected another team’s sentence and to the team that wrote the longest sentence on each piece of paper.  They could not write similar sentences, or they would not receive any points.  They could also write an additional sentence if they picked up the same piece of paper.  It is a quick review that is very effective.  It was great to see my beginning students writing really long sentences when many times they just write five or six words per sentence.

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