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¡El robo del banco!

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There was a robbery at the nearest bank!  The students have to use the clues to figure out who dun it.  I found this awesome story from Peter Pappas.  It was basic enough with some detractors for my students to figure out.  There are some extra facts to throw you off, and there is a solution on the webpage as well.  We have been working on the past tense, so I translated all of these clues to Spanish.

I created two versions, and I am uploading both.  In the first upload, I have all of the clues written in Spanish.  You can give them to the students, and they can read them to figure out the solution.  Once they do, they can write the solution in Spanish.

The second version which I am going to use with my students has blanks for them to figure out which past tense to use.  However, once they get one correct, I will give them the next clue with all of the words filled in.  I want them to be aware of it, but I want them to complete it within our block.  Once they figure out the solution, they will have to write it in Spanish, too.

In order to help them, I will give them a goal: they are trying to find out who did it and how they did it.  I will also provide ways to structure what they are doing by creating a list of characters and writing down alibis.  They can also create a timeline to help them with time and dates.  I am going to try it tomorrow, and let you know how it goes.  I am super excited though!

pistas para los estudiantes

bank robbery clues


14 thoughts on “¡El robo del banco!

  1. This sounds like a lot of fun. You should couple this with Señor Wooly’s video, “el banco”. ( Are you doing this with year 2 students?

    1. We did! It is great! I did this with my Spanish 2 students. They really enjoyed it and were into it. I wish they had spoken more in the TL though but that may have been too difficult.

  2. I have a similar activity that I do during my house unit – I call it CSI: Casa. It’s basically a logic puzzle (like the ones you can find in an activity book) where the students have to figure out who was in what room doing what activity at the time of the “murder”. I got it from (she has a great site with lots of resources if you haven’t checked it out).

      1. I realize you asked me this last year, but I literally just saw it today so I’m answering it now!

        I do one of two things to encourage use of the TL. The first is to randomly give a homework extension pass (I don’t believe in “Get Out of Homework Free” passes so extension passes give them another night to get the work done with no penalty) to the students that are speaking in Spanish. I don’t give them out that often, but it’s amazing how much more they try to speak when they think they might get something out of it (gotta love bribery!).

        The second thing I do is use my “pinzas de inglés” to let them police themselves. Each wears a clothespin on their sleeve. If they hear someone speaking English, they take the pin from them (my #1 rule is “No te quejes” and if they do, they sit out of the activity and do a boring worksheet). If they have lost their pin, they can earn one back by listening for someone else speaking English. At the end of the activity, anyone that doesn’t have a pin must answer a question in Spanish that I ask. I always ask questions related to the learning target. One I asked today was “¿Tocaste la guitarra ayer?” and the student was able to answer it without a word of English. This way, they don’t get out of speaking in Spanish and you don’t have to do a thing! They love it when I wear a clothespin too because sometimes even I forget and start explaining something in English! Whoever took my pin gets to come up with a question to ask me – they love it when that happens so much that I sometimes speak in English on purpose!

  3. I really like the idea, but I just have to call your attention to something in case you haven’t seen it. The picture at the top has several fallic symbols and a Spanish curse word. I hate posting something negative, but please don’t take it as such. Take it as one teacher helping another.

    1. Thanks so much! I was just using a random picture from a bank, and hadn’t really zoomed in! I don’t use the picture in my class. Some teachers had asked for pictures with posts. I will have to update it!

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