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My school PLC

I have to admit that I was skeptical when I heard about PLCs (Professional Learning Community) in school.  I felt like it might be one more thing to do as we can always feel when we are busy.  I have only been in mine since I came back to school in January, but I love our meetings!  My PLC is best practices and many times, we just share what we are doing in our classrooms.  I feel that this does not happen enough in any school, so I am always excited to hear what others do.  Here are a few ideas that I learned today:

Jelly Cam is a perfect website to make stop animation videos.

-With all of these videos, I am going to have my students not only blog next year, but also create videos to upload to their blog.  We have Google Accounts, so all students have a YouTube account as well.

Screen Chomp is a great app for creating videos using your iPad.

-Finally, one teacher suggested that when she has students do corrections, she has them find a problem in their homework that was similar to the one that they got wrong on the test.  As teachers, we always make sure that we are testing students on what we have practiced, but do students realize that?  This practice helps them become more aware.

Although I am not sure if we will fit another meeting in before the end of the year, I would re-join this group next year in a heartbeat.  If you are considering starting a PLC, I would recommend one along the same idea as best practices.


6 thoughts on “My school PLC

  1. What you’re describing sounds kind of like PLCs to me–professional learning communities. I know PBL as project-based learning; is there a new meaning for the acronym?

    1. Haha- you are so right! That is what I get when trying to blog after that fast and crazy #langchat! We also do PBLs and I get the acronyms confused all of the time. I just need to hope that we never get another acronym with a P and L in it again.

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