Using authentic resources: Food example


Today, I used this sales insert with my students when we were learning about foods.  It is from Uruguay because many times, teachers think to include Mexico and Spain but not many other countries that also speak Spanish.  Plus, students realized that there is a difference between the Mexican peso and the Uruguayan peso.  It was easily accessible to students since it included many pictures as well.  I included these questions in English to see what they could understand:

-What is one cereal that you see listed?

-How many pesos is the rice?

-What is one type of cheese that you see in Spanish?

-How much does the coffee cost?

-Find the cost of the pasta and convert it from Uruguayan pesos.

-What is one type of flavored water that they have?



5 thoughts on “Using authentic resources: Food example

  1. Love it! Definitely peaks students interest when they see something from the “real” world. Do you have the students look at the pdf on a tablet or computer to answer the questions?

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