Awesome commenters!

Recently, people have been leaving excellent suggestions in the comments- make sure you read them!  I wanted to highlight some excellent ideas:

1. Check out Sara-Elizabeth’s post about vocabulary (in reference to my idea to drop the vocabulary list).

2.  She also shared a great Google Doc with cloze activities for commercials.

3.  GetSpanished suggested some great commercials about Mac and Cheese and a blog post about if liking mac and cheese makes you less “Latino.”

4.  Meghan Green left some great ideas about stations.  This was my favorite new station idea: ” tuiting! I wrote the first line then they respond and circle around so they end up responding 8 times in a group of 4.”

5.  Sr. Bryant suggested two new sites in addition to Quizlet: Wordplay and GetKahoot.

Thanks to everyone who is commenting on my blog!  I love it!  Keep the great ideas coming.

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