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Advice: Possible Trip to Spain

My husband and I in La Lonja in Valencia when I was studying abroad
My husband and I in La Lonja in Valencia when I was studying abroad

Next year, there is a possibility that I am planning a trip to Spain with my students (eeee!).  I am really excited, and I hope that all of the pieces come together, so it happens!  But I have some questions:

-We are planning to go for 10 days.  Would it be better to go Barcelona, Sevilla, and Madrid or Barcelona, Valencia and Madrid?  I studied in Valencia, so I have a special place in my heart for the city.  Plus, I think it is great that not as many people speak English there (or at least in 2004…)  I also love Sevilla and would love to take them to Grenada.

-Do you have any restaurants or hotels that yall recommend?

-Any other tips on traveling with MS students?

You are giving me some excellent advice, and I appreciate all of the help!  I will blog what I learn as I learn it!


8 thoughts on “Advice: Possible Trip to Spain

  1. We just took a (high school) group to Toledo last year and it was amazing. I recommend staying in a smaller city that is close to a bigger one. The students are able to get out and as the week goes on they become more familiar with their surroundings. We visited Madrid twice along with other nearby cities.

    The absolute best part of the stay was the families the students stayed with. I wouldn’t ever want to do one of those “deluxe” tours that ship you off to one city a night and kids stay in hotels.

    1. Awesome! I was thinking about something like this. I loved Alicante or Elche near Valencia. (Alicante has an awesome Nativity scene museum which is my favorite and Elche has the largest palm grove in Spain! Plus Elche has great shoe stores…) Did you use a tour company? How did you find the families? We aren’t using a tour company, so I am not sure how to find reliable families.

  2. I would pick Sevilla over Valencia. I just think there is more to see, and you could do day trips to Córdoba and Granada. Make sure the kids are busy all the time! I traveled with high schoolers and we had to make sure that there was not a whole lot of idle time–because that’s when trouble starts! ¡Buena suerte!

    1. Awesome! Thanks! I know what you mean. I love sitting at a café and people watching especially in Spain. I am not sure if that is my students’ idea of fun. I was thinking that we should go to Sevilla to also see Granada.

  3. Maris, I think Valencia will always be special to anyone who went through the program. I took HS students to Spain in 2008. We did Madrid, Sevilla, Granada, and Costa del Sol. They had a great time. We used ACIS. I highly recommend the company if you want to go that route. They will also help you in customizing your trips. ¡Buena suerte!

    1. Thanks so much! I am glad you are reading my blog 🙂 We don’t have official dates yet, but at one point, our principal suggested going during the year. I looked up when Fallas is going to be next year, but that may be too much for us all… although we would have stories to tell!

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