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Internet Scavenger Hunt

I modified this idea from the Creative Language Classroom blog.  They include different readings and have students hunt for new words. (I wish I could find the link!)  I adapted this to include technology.  My students have to visit different websites and find words related to their topic.  (This week is food and drink.)  I ask them extension questions after it.  I will ask them what they want to order from different menus, or I will ask them to summarize it in English to make sure that they understand it.  For a more advanced class, it would be good to ask which place they would like to eat and why.  I also change it up, so I find different websites.  Here were some that I used for my Spanish I class.

La carta

Como comportarse en un restaurante

Las recetas

Plato del bien comer

My students were very engaged throughout this class.  These are easy to find on Pinterest if you look for your topic and the word “Spanish” (or French, German etc.) Enjoy!


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