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Simple Sundays: Mindfulness

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As I mentioned before, the best session at edcampmetrodc was the session on mindfulness.  Many people feel that edcamps can be too “techy.”  However, they have some great sessions that are not related to tech.  This was such a great one to finish up the day.  Many of us are guilty of loving tech so much that we are always turned in.  I am lucky because I feel like my son helps me un-tech sometimes.  Since we have had such a cold winter, we are outside any chance we get.  This helps me disconnect.  Here are some ideas that people gave to help with mindfulness in schools and for yourself:

-Use a Tibetan humming bowl to have students take a deep breath when they hear it.  You can download an app for this (although it does seem counterintuitive).  I have a class that gets excited that I think this would help.

-Check out this website for a possible advisory idea.

-You can also ask students if they are ready to enter the classroom.  Some will recognize that they are not and take a minute to calm down.

-Also it is so important to start in small increments if you are practicing this with your students!  They should not be expected to sit still for five minutes the first time.

-Here is a copy of the session notes.

My goal for the coming week is to try to do a quick five minute yoga sequence when I wake up instead of playing that extra game of Candy Crush.  How do you all stay mindful throughout the week?

*I stole this photo from my friend Lisa Damico!


3 thoughts on “Simple Sundays: Mindfulness

  1. I start each day by walking the dog in the moonlight and then complete a short bible study. It gets me off on the right foot each day. When I get bogged down and need a moment away from the crazy that is school-I go to and look at cute animals. It isn’t exactly high brow meditation but it does give my heart a rush of happy and my brain a break. Thanks for your post awesome Maris!

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