Dropping the vocab list?

With the help of #langchat and various blogs, I am sticking my toe into dropping vocabulary lists.  I was discussing this with my friend today.  I want to start with two of my classes after the National Spanish Exam.  Here is what I am thinking, but I would love more input:

-I will start with a list of ten words that I want them to know.

-They will search for five to six words more that they want to learn on a topic.

-They will add it to a wiki or Padlet– (virtual cork board).

-We will eliminate similarities and have our list!

-We will make a Quizlet list because Quizlet is amazing (online vocabulary practice).

Here is what I am thinking: I will probably have to edit some of the words to pick the more universal words.  I want two different lists for the different classes.  I worry that the list will be way too big.  Should I cut down my number of words?  I would LOVE some input!

Also- on a side note, our Learning Specialist loved Quizlet and thought it was a great motivator for the students. If you have not tried it, I recommend it!

8 thoughts on “Dropping the vocab list?

  1. For each of my units, I have a list of 10-15 non-negotiables that everyone has to learn. 5-10 that they choose individually that they have to learn, and then an extra 5 of their choice that they feel might be important, but are not required to learn.

    1. I definitely will! I think I need to change things up especially for my 2s who have had me for two years. I also try to get them to do the test to truly test their knowledge although they prefer the games. 🙂

  2. I get that there’s a new movement to drop lists, but for me, it’s not about the lists. Everyone has to have vocabulary in order to communicate. The key is where the vocabulary is going, and I think that the problem is really in how we’re assessing it. Drilling discrete vocabulary and giving vocab quizzes encourages students (the motivated ones, anyway) to cram words into their short-term memory where it really makes no difference except for a number on a page one Friday. What we really need to do is be developing habits that put rich vocabulary into long term memory (http://musicuentos.com/2013/01/vocabulary/). If people use a list or not, okay (although why people think lists 50 words long is achievable is beyond me) but what if teachers actually gave up quizzing vocabulary? Wow.
    (Which is why this is my session at ACTFL in November! 😉

    1. I know what you are saying. Sometimes, I think that I keep making smaller changes, but I am clinging too much to the original system. Does that make sense? I really just need to drop it all and move in a new direction where I am completely proficiency based. I want to go to ACTFL this year, but it is always so hard because it is right before our exams- so farther places are hard. (Strange, I know. We have the trimester system and start after Labor Day, so we have two units on our midterms…)

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