Edcampmetrodc reflections

Edcamp metro dc was wonderful as always!  Stone Ridge was a beautiful campus, and it is always awesome to see familiar faces and meet new ones.  Here are some of my takeaways:

-I am sure many teachers have students filming videos.  In order to make the videos better, you should encourage them to change the frame and shot.  They should not just shoot straight on.  This week my students are going to start filming videos, so I will see how my tips help them.

-We were discussing writing assessment.  Melissa presented on formative assessment and has her PPT here.  One important takeaway is providing examples of good student work. Many times, I want students to write longer sentences, but I do not provide them with examples.  For a warm-up, I am going to have students write sentences then show them some examples that they could write to encourage them to expand how they write.

-Finally, the smackdown is always a great time.  This is a list of all of the suggestions.  Here are some that I think have potential for FL learning:

  • Smore helps you create online flyers.
  • Book creator app is great for elementary Spanish.  I know our wonderful LS teacher uses it with great success.
  • Edpuzzle allows you to take out the audio of a video and add your own.  This would be perfect for movie talk to just eliminate the words.  It would also be great for students to come up with new conversations about what is going on in the video clip.

My favorite part of the day was the last session… but I am saving that for Sunday!  I hope that you can check out these great ideas and go to an edcamp near you!  Check out a summary of how edcamp feels from Sarah Thomas- love her!

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