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Brillante Viernes: April 4, 2014

Picture from San Diego
Picture from San Diego

Happy first Friday of April!  This week was finally warm, and I love it!  Tomorrow, I am going to edcamp Metro DC.  I would love to see some other FL teachers there!  You can still sign up, and it is free.  You will feel reinvigorated to finish the year on a high note.  Here are some other awesome ideas:

1.  Kara Jacobs presented on using commercials at NECTFL.  One of my friends was there and texted me about seeing this presentation.  I was instantly jealous!  You can relive some of the goodness by checking it out.

2.  Here are seven habits of highly effective edtech leaders.  There are great ideas to consider!

3.  Check out Señorita Barragán’s grading scale.  I love the visuals and descriptions.

4.  I love this list of ideas on how to use music in a language arts class.  These ideas could also easily be used in a foreign language classroom.

A little jaja humor for your Friday:  This is a teacher’s day in book titles!  Enjoy your weekend!


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