Big News!

On here, I don’t blog too much about what I do in my free time.  (I am sure all of my students would be shocked to realize that I do something other than teach and retreat to my house until it is time to reappear to teach.)  I have always loved singing.  Occasionally, I perform at open mic nights around the DC area.  Well, over spring break, I started talking to an agent, and I have been picked up by a label!  I will start recording over the summer.  Right now, I will be continuing to teach unless things really take off.  I am so excited to start this new venture in my life!

Ha! April Fool’s!  My singing career consisted of a church choir, and I think I got to do that because I was a girl and could not be an acolyte.  Do you celebrate April Fool’s?  I typically write down a really long homework assignment, but I did this before break, so my students will catch on.  🙂  Hopefully, your students don’t trick you today!

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