Simple Sundays: March 30, 2014

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I decided to start writing about how to survive and thrive as a teacher on Sundays.  This isn’t just for foreign language teachers, but for all teachers.  Many of us want to continue teaching as a lifetime profession.  I will share what I have done for the past seven years.  The other day, I found a post on how to feel refreshed after spring break.  It is a great post with some wonderful ideas.  I definitely took my fair share of naps.  I also make sure that I sleep in, but not too much later than I sleep each morning.  (Which is even easier when I forget to turn my alarm off!)  This always makes it somewhat easier to wake up on time next Monday.  Here are some other special ideas for spring break:

1.  Go out to lunch!  Each day, we eat either bag lunch or cafeteria lunch.  Take this time to go out to lunch, and you don’t even have to squeeze photocopying or a bathroom break into your lunch time.

2.  Bake or cook a new meal.  This is something that I always love having extra time for instead of rushing to put a meal on the table.  You can also try to make a few meals in advance to make the week following spring break easier.  I love Modern Commonplace Book’s no plan meal plans!

3.  Find some flowers to brighten up your house or classroom.  I buy my flowers from Trader Joes, and they have them as cheap as $3.  You could also pick some daffodils from your yard to add to your classroom.  This year, I want to add some succulents to my house.

4.  Read!  I don’t always have time to read a book, but I definitely have time to catch up on my Southern Living subscription.  Bonus points if you add your favorite beverage!

Hope you spend some time resting over spring break!

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