Brillante Viernes: March 28, 2014

Happy Friday!  As my spring break is winding down, I am excited to continue the school year.  I hope that you have had a great week too.  Enjoy your weekend!  Here are my favorite links recently:

1.  I have seen some great Spanish infographics recently.  Here are some of them: the happiest countries in the world, Christmas trees from Mexico and education problems in Chile.  Plus, there is a great article about how to be a hipster.

2.  I have always loved the Muppets!  The Muppets take Manhattan is a classic.  I love the Zachary Jones’ activity of Doblado Doblado for the Muppets Most Wanted.

3.  I love this vocabulary activity!  The kids would enjoy it.

4.  Wouldn’t it be cool to write a choose your own adventure novel in the target language?  Although let’s be honest, I still just want to write a general novel.  Perhaps you could write one with your students.

The other day I ran an 8k.  (I know we are all shocked.  I didn’t walk at all which is a miracle.  Races always sound like a good idea a few months in advance.  Then the reality sets in two weeks before the race that you really haven’t trained…)  Anyway, my husband is a super runner and qualified for Boston!  If you run, this is an awesome craft for your race numbers!

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