I like the idea of a lap book!  They are popping up everywhere.  They are a great way to have students work with their literacy skills.  Today, I gave my Spanish 1A students the following lapbook project.  It is also a great idea right before spring break!  I will include a picture of my lapbook tomorrow!  Here is my list with the requirements:

This week, you will be completing a “lapbook.”  This lapbook will be worth a classwork and homework grade.  You should NOT copy from a partner or the book.  You cannot use Google Translate at all, or you will have to re-do your project.  This should be written completely in Spanish.  Your lapbook must include the following information:

 _____________  Two pictures including 8 vocabulary words in each picture.  These pictures should be drawn neatly, and you should label the pictures in Spanish with the correct vocabulary word.  You can reference page 96-97 in your textbook for information.  You can take photographs or you can draw these pictures.  You must use color, and you cannot use stick figures.

 _____________  Create two text conversations on  They should use vocabulary words from this unit.  You should have four lines per conversation.  You will email these to your teacher to print.

 _____________  Create a fan book where you share a story.  Write one line per page at least and include a small picture.  You can use stick figures here.  Your story can be about:

-shopping for school supplies

-things to do after school

-your classes

-what you need for school

 Checklist for classwork grade:

 ________________ Picture 1: neatly drawn or photographed (2 points)

 _______________  Picture 2: neatly drawn or photographed (2 points)

________________  Labeled vocabulary words (1 point per word)

________________  Two text conversations on (8 points)

 ________________  Fan book (8 points)

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    1. I know! It worked for me twenty minutes before my class. The students couldn’t get it to work, but they found another website that would do the same thing. I don’t remember the exact site, but you can Google it!

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