Revising my study guide

At our meetings, we start with a share of what people are doing in their classrooms.  I have started with some topics such as how do you review for a test or what made you smile this week.  My friend Emily (from the great whiteboard activity!) had a great suggestion that I have incorporated on my study guides.  Many students request extra practice, so she adds the pages that they can use to review for each topic.  This is also great to help students learn how to study.  Some students may need or want what is beyond the study guide, and this gives them a place to start.  ¡Gracias Emily!

3 thoughts on “Revising my study guide

  1. What do these pages look like? Do you provide extra “problems” for them to do? (i.e. more verbs to conjugate or more nouns to pluralize or whatever). I don’t 100% understand how they help students learn how to study (or maybe I’m being dense, that’s entirely possible too).

    1. I provide them with examples from the book or worksheet. Some of these activities they have completed and others they have not. They have some extra practice, and they also have activities just to look over and review.

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