Reading: Venezuela


Ever since I got pregnant (and had our son), I hadn’t been able to participate in #langchat as much as I wanted.  However, this Thursday, I had everything ready to go, and the topic- reading- was too good to pass up.  I am so glad that I did because it was great!  I already have many websites bookmarked to review, and I want all of my classes to read.all.the.time.  I was planning out two of my units for my blended class that I am teaching next year (eee!), and I wanted to write “read” every day.

One of my goals (last year that I didn’t get to!) was to incorporate more reading about culture.  I wrote a summary of what is happening so that my students can understand it.  Laura Sexton had some great ideas including an infographic that would be useful in class.  I also included a picture from El Nacional’s Facebook page.  Reading the comments was interesting (and not at all appropriate for class.)  Some people thought the picture was great, and others thought it was not appropriate.  It would be an interesting topic of discussion.


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