March Madness in Spanish class!


I am going to continue with my trend of sports in the language class.  I am going to have each of my classes “compete” against each other during the month of March.  The participation will be voluntary for my students.  Each day, they can complete online activities and take a screenshot of their activities.  For each activity that they complete, they will earn one point for their class.  At the end, I will divide the points by the number of students in the class.  I want to make sure that it is fair for the smaller classes.  At the end of March, I will have either a game day or video day with a treat for the winning class.  I will give the students the options of completing the following activities:


-National Spanish online practice



What other activities could students complete?  I may throw some activities from my summer proficiency pack.  I will allow students to bring in a new Spanish song that they like or watch a TV show in Spanish at home.  I hope that they will get excited!

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