Apples to apples variation for beginning students

Apples to apples is a great game and uses a lot of language!  However, it can be difficult for students who do not know as many words in the target language.  Plus, it can be time-consuming to write all of the nouns that you want to use.  This idea makes it more accessible and less time-consuming to prep.  You can make a list of adjectives that students know.  You can also use cognates such as fabuloso or excelente.

At the beginning of the game, the first leader picks an adjective.  Then each student writes down a proper noun that they think the adjective describes.  Proper nouns such as names and places are good because they would not change in the target language.  They pass their nouns to the leader for that round.  The leader chooses the word that they think best fits the description of the adjective, and that student is the winner for that round.  Each round there is a different leader, and each student takes a turn being the leader.  The winner is the student whose noun was picked seven times by the leaders.

This game would also be good for “best of” places.  Students could name the best restaurant, shopping mall, place to get coffee etc.  In a more advanced class, students could state why their noun should be considered the best.

3 thoughts on “Apples to apples variation for beginning students

  1. Love the idea! There is a Cranium game called WhoNu that is similar to your variation of A2A. Each person in a group draws cards from a deck, except for one person who is “it”. Each card has things on it like “ride roller coasters”, “go shopping”, “sleep late”, “broccoli”, etc. Then each person picks one of their cards based on what he thinks will be “it”‘s favorite activity. Those cards get passed to “it”, who then ranks them in order of preference. Scoring is done by the number of people playing: if the card you chose for “it” gets selected as his first choice and there are 5 people playing, you get 5 points. 2nd place gets 4, 3rd gets 3, etc. The top # of points will = # of people playing minus “it”. Then another person becomes “it” and new cards are drawn.

    This is a really fun game, especially when getting to know new people. I’ve been meaning to adapt it for class, and now I think I will.

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