Skits: Revamping my routine

My students were working on a restaurant unit.  I have done this before, and they seemed a bit dry.  Plus, students didn’t necessarily watch each other’s skits.  This time, I decided to add a twist.  Each skit had to work different aspects into them.  Each student had to watch and tell me which twist that group had added.  I think some form of physical humor is always good because it doesn’t involve language from the beginning.  Most of their skits were funny, and the whole class enjoyed them!  Also, I had my trusty food props, but I only brought them out at the end.  If you bring props out too early, some groups only go through the props the whole time!

For the restaurant unit, the twists that the students enjoyed included:

-A bad waiter, students refused to leave a tip

-A picky customer who doesn’t like anything on the menu (or changes his or her order many times)

-One person complains about everything

-The waiter is overly friendly

What are some twists that could be added to other skits?  I am excited to develop some more in future units.

6 thoughts on “Skits: Revamping my routine

  1. Each member of a group could pick an emotion (nervioso, loco, enojado, etc.) and perform it that way and the other groups have to try and figure out which emotions they have.

    I sometimes do bag skits where the students are required to work in every single prop in their bags. The rule is that they actually have to use it in some way – they can’t just hold it up. These end up being pretty silly.

  2. Hi Maris,

    I love your blog! Thanks for all the great ideas and inspiration. Do you have the description and rubric for this skit? Thanks!

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