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Art web quest

When we rescheduled the trip to the NGA, students were just going to have one class.  We decided to have students complete a web quest in their class to prepare for the trip.  I found this amazing idea for a web quest here.  I modified the premise, and here are the directions my students used.  This was for both Spanish and Latin students, so they completed it in English.

Tell students that they can work with a partner, and they are going into the art crime business.  They will have to determine which piece of art is the most valuable to steal and why.  They need to research each piece on the list and provide the following information.  Then they must give a justification for why they want to steal one piece.  Here are the paintings:
1.  Leonardo da Vinci, Ginevra de’ Benci,
2.  Pablo Picasso: The Family of Saltimbanques
3.  Paul Cezanne: The Peppermint Bottle
4.  Johannes Vermeer: A Lady Writing
5.  Salvador Dali: The Sacrament of the Last Supper
6.  The Dying Gaul
7.  Lemoyne, Jean-Louis , A Companion of Diana
8.  Rembrandt: Self- Portrait
Each pair of students must figure out:
Vitals (Date, Dimensions, Medium, Location, Significance/story of the piece)
Historical Significance (Where was it created?  Why?  Was there a patron?  Cost?)
The details behind the National Gallery of Art: What are its hours?  Where are the paintings located?
Finally, why do you want to steal the painting or sculpture?  Aesthetics? Price?  You must justify why you are planning to steal this piece of art over the other pieces.

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