Olympics games: comparisons


Students will be also competing in different events, and they will take notes to complete comparisons.  Here are some of the games that I will have them compete.  You could do this all at once or you could spread it out throughout the week.  Here are my games:

Marshmallows:  Students will see how many marshmallows they can eat in a specific amount of time.  You could also do the chubby bunny game.  (They put the marshmallows in their mouth and say chubby bunny.)

Vocabulary: Each pair of students races to write down the vocabulary words that they remember in Spanish.

Basketball: Students see who can score the most number of points in the basketball hoop.  (If you do not have a basketball hoop, paper and a trashcan work just as well!)

Jumping:  See how many times a student can jump in a given time.

Snowball fight:  See how many “snowballs” aka paper balls, teams can throw over the line.  At the end, count the number of snowballs on each side.

After each event, students fill out the papers to indicate who did more or less.  I would suggest writing team names, so students do not feel targeted.  Finally, we will take notes to figure out how to write comparisons.

comparisons olympic games

Edited to add: After I posted this, I noticed this great infographic for comparisons.

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