Brillante Viernes: January 24, 2013

Happy Friday!  We have had TWO snow days, so we have had a completely reverse week- two work days and five days off!  I will take it.  Hopefully, you are staying warm (or living in someplace that never even gets cold.  I miss San Diego!)  Enjoy your weekend!

1.  Do you have any students who are Bachelor fans?  If you do, this is the song that they played during one of the one-on-one dates.  Juan Pablo sings it to his date, so your students would probably remember it and get a kick out of hearing it in class.  (I watch until my husband steals the remote.  I never know who gets the roses…)

2.  I love this Flickr album of Oscar Ospina!  These designs are super cute.

3.  When we read novels, I love to give students a final project to complete.  Edutopia featured some great ideas for middle schoolers.

4.  Here is a list of websites where you can watch Spanish videos with subtitles or transcripts!

Finally, I have run out of space on the cloud because I take so many pictures of my baby.  But in case I don’t I found a list of pictures to take each month of your children!

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