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Brillante Viernes: January 17, 2014

Happy Friday!  Hopefully you have made it through another week!  I am definitely starting to feel sick.  These are the welcome back to school things that I did not miss.  Here are some awesome links to start your weekend off right:

1.  I LOVE Zachary Jones’ info graphic!  He created one about how much it costs to go to the movies in Spanish-speaking countries.  You could also do how much it costs for a meal, airplane ticket etc.  He also has a great activity with SO MANY authentic schedules.

2.  Amy has a great blog post about using music for communication.  This is some great food for thought.

3.  This teacher used Evernote to create a teaching encyclopedia.  I want to look into Evernote more.

4.  Here are some great Spanish poetry ideas for beginning students.

Here is a fun recipe for a quick and healthy weeknight meal!  I add ham to it, and it is wonderful.  Have a wonderful weekend


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