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The Little Things

Teaching can be difficult.  You have to figure out ways to teach all different types of students difficult material, challenge them, support them- a whole variety of things!  Returning from maternity leave has shown me many times why I love teaching.  However, while many times, it can be something big, other times it is the little things.  Here are some of my favorite things from this past week:

1.  We are a 2-12 school, and I love seeing my former students grow.  We listen to a lot of music in class.  Two of my former students showed me a song on YouTube that I HAD to show to my current students.

2.  I teach many of my students for 7th and 8th grade.  They sit in pods of four typically; however, before their quizzes and tests, they have to separate their desks.  I came in, and they had already separated their desks.  It makes me feel better after I spend so much time teaching routines.

3.  Many of my Spanish 1A students knew tener really well, but other students only knew “tengo.”  I showed them a few videos along with lots of practice.  They started figuring it out again.

What were your favorite things about teaching this week?  These make the harder weeks easier.  …Although my week isn’t always perfect!  I did find a bag of marshmallows from an activity at the very beginning of the year.  They were surprisingly intact.


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