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Buzzfeed/Thought Catalog

Every time I read Facebook, it seems that everyone is posting a link from Buzzfeed or Thought Catalog.  They are mostly written in list style, and they will list memories from different eras.  Keep in mind that some of them can be risqué.

Buzzfeed is also in Spanish!  There are some cultural resources like 8 artists to follow on Instagram.  (One of the artists may be a bit controversial for your students, so as always, check this before you show it to your students!)  This is a list of childhood toys that are now worth a fortune.  This would be a perfect warm-up activity.  Students could write about which toys they had and which toys were their favorites. They also have gorgeous pictures from around the world like these from Guatemala.  Students could write where they would want to travel and activities to enjoy at each place.

Students could also write their own Buzzfeed-style lists.  They could write a list of things they miss from their childhood, things that they think will be popular in 2014 or things that they think should stay in 2013.  They could also write a post similar to the pictures from Guatemala about another Hispanic country or their own town.  All of these lists are accompanied by gifs or pictures.  If you would like to extend this activity, the students could add those in as well.


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