Mind-mapping program

At times, I have students create mind maps for their vocabulary.  It is a great review and a way for them to associate and learn the vocabulary.  One great resource to use online is Bubbl.us.  It is really intuitive and quick to learn.  Students shouldn’t have to spend a lot of time learning the process.  You can download your finished product by clicking on the export, and it will be saved as a jpeg or png file.  However, I would also caution to use other more concrete methods of mind mapping as well.  While some students love technology, other students still prefer hands-on activities.  I always believe this no matter that everyone keeps insisting that all students love all technology.

I have also used this program when I am working on presentations.  I was rewriting our curriculum, and this program was great to create flow charts.  I was able to show how students would progress through our Spanish curriculum.

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