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I just returned, and I got to rejoin my PLC at school!  In the beginning of the year, we had a PLC fair where each PLC presented their ideas.  Now, we have broken off into groups, but we got to choose which one we wanted.  I chose Best Practices, and I was really happy after my first meeting.  We are planning an e-portfolio of our work.  I would say my one suggestion for now is to save student work!  You will never know what you will need later.  (Although don’t save so much that you would be on an episode of Hoarders.)

We also briefly were sharing new ideas.  One of my colleagues mentioned PowToon.  You can use this free website to create videos.  It looks awesome!  They will even create the videos which show people writing words.  This would be great if you wanted to create your own video, or students could use it to create videos.  I am excited to try it!


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