And I’m moving to Finland! (not really)

This article from BBC Mundo would probably not interest many of your students, but I think it would interest parents who read this blog.  In Finland, each new mother receives this box from the state.  It contains really cool items including a super cute snow suit and boots, which I imagine that you need in Finland.  If you do not want the box, they will give you the equivalent of $214!  But most mothers pick the box because it is worth much more than that.  I cannot believe this!  I do wish that I could deal better with colder weather because those countries seem to know how to treat a mother. 🙂

2 thoughts on “And I’m moving to Finland! (not really)

  1. I’m from Finland (now living in the US and working as a French teacher), and my son was born in Finland. I received this box- yes is it brilliant! The box can also serve as a bed for the baby. The snowsuit is the best invention ever- I used it for my second-born also (who was born in the US), and then passes it on to a friend with a newborn. In Finland every mother is also entitled to up to one year of paid maternity leave, and you are guaranteed your job position when you return. So many more benefits…I sometimes wonder why I moved away…

    1. I have never gotten a chance to visit Finland, but it is definitely on my bucket list. Although I am not sure that I could deal with the cold. It has been in the 50s in DC, and I take any opportunity not to wear a jacket! I don’t think I could get away with that in Finland.

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