Resolutions for Next Year

Even though we tend to set goals at the beginning of the school year, I am reflecting on what I would like to do differently next calendar year.  I am just coming back from maternity leave, so I am looking forward to setting new goals.  I am excited to reflect upon these ideas at the end of the school year.

1.  Since I have a newborn, I want to be able to maximize my time with him.  I want to use my time at school more efficiently, so I do not have to bring home work.  I am a bit of a social butterfly and like so many of my fellow teachers.  I want to maintain that as well!  We will see how this goes…

2.  I saw this idea on the Creative Language Class blog.  I want to collaborate with fellow teachers more- especially out of my department.  I am hoping to plan one lesson every other week with another teacher.  I want to hear their feedback and see how I can improve.

3.  I want to spice up my warm-up activities.  Many times I fall back on book activities because that is the main time that I use them.  However, I want to see if I can spice up these activities.

4.  Finally, I want to use exit tickets more effectively.  I have been pinning ideas, so I have a good place to start.

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