Nelson Mandela: QEPD


As you know, Nelson Mandela passed away on Thursday.  His memory extends beyond South Africa, and he has left a lasting impression throughout the world.  I found the picture above on Pinterest.  Here is a link to an infographic on his life.  This would be easy to create questions for beginning students.  The pictures help, and it also talks about his family which is normally a beginning topic.  This would be a good warm-up activity, and students could list 2-3 facts that they can read/figure out.  BBC Mundo has some great resources for beginning and advanced students.  Again for beginners, keep the activity simple.  Show them how to use cognates and pictures to determine meaning.  For upper levels, BBC Mundo has an article of famous quotes in Spanish and another article about Cuban soldiers that helped fight apartheid in Angola.  Every Spanish newspaper will have something about his death, so it should be easy to find any resource for whichever level you need.  Nelson Mandela: QEPD

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