Brillante Viernes: December 6, 2013

Happy Friday!  I hope that you had a wonderful week, and you have a fun weekend ahead of you.  The holiday season gets crazy, so here are some links I found that hopefully will help you:

1.  Creative Language Class always has great ideas, but here they talk about how to change a good lesson to a great lesson.  I definitely want to use the ideas that they mention here!

2.  I love this list of 30 ways to get rid of excess energy!  Written in the target language, they would be great for TPR.  They could also be done really quickly, so students can refocus.  Everyone seems to have excess energy in December, too.

3.  For Spanish teachers, these files have great authentic resources along with follow-up questions.

4.  Finally, a laugh from risasinmas about Social Media in real life is here.

My extra link for the week is for cookies- Nutella stuffed brown butter chocolate chip cookies!  They are great, and they are perfect for a cookie exchange… or for Santa!


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