Brillante Viernes: November 26, 2013 (Early!)

Hello!  I am posting my viernes post on Tuesday because I will be out-of-town for the rest of the week.  Plus, I hope that everyone else takes time off to relax this week.  We will be visiting Volga, West Virginia with all of my husband’s relatives.  I can’t wait!  This is the first Thanksgiving we have all been together, and my son’s first Thanksgiving.  Hope you all have a wonderful holiday!

1.  I love this idea!  History Tech added thought bubbles to paintings.  This could easily be done to paintings in the target culture.

2.  Inspiration Laboratories posted 50 plus storytelling ideas.  I love the idea of the sticker storytelling bag.  Scrap paper storytelling could be completed in the target language at the end of class then the students could write the story for homework.

3.  Señora Baxter lists a great idea when you have five minutes left in class.  Also, Señora Dentlinger wrote a fun idea for a warm-up that could also be used for the last five minutes as well.

4.  I love this idea for notes from students!  It is always great to look at when you have a hard day.  Plus it shows students how much you value their cards.

Finally- this weekend is December!  It is my favorite month because it is my birthday, my husband’s birthday AND our anniversary.  Plus, we have Christmas to celebrate!  Here are some great recipes for holiday baking favorites.  Enjoy the rest of your week!

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