Brillante Viernes: November 22, 2013

I hope that everyone in Orlando is enjoying ACTFL!  Here are some of my favorite links this week:

1.  Laura blogged about some of the topics for PBL, and she has some great reflections about what she is doing in her classroom.

2.  This is a great link that has the “different” expressions of Kristen Stewart, Steven Segal and Nicholas Cage.

3.  This is a list of 77 different writing prompts that could be used for any language.  (Also there are more if you click on the previous blog posts!)

4.  Here are organization tips for the home that are from the dollar store.  You could use them in the classroom.  Also, I found a desktop planner at the Target dollar spot for $3 that I love!  My favorite calendar for my classroom is at World Market.  It makes me happy every time I look at it.

Finally, my bonus link for Friday is for Christmas photo cards!  We are trying to take some nice pictures over Thanksgiving with the whole family.  These are some great ideas.

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