Thanksgiving words in Spanish

Speaking Latino is a blog that has a lot of great information including slang on it. Here is a post about the different Spanish words for turkey.  It is great for students to understand that many words exist.  Although I have not done this myself, I heard a great idea during a conference in regards to different words in different Spanish-speaking countries.  Each student would have to interview a native speaker about what words they use for Thanksgiving words (turkey, cranberry, pumpkin etc.)  When the students return, as a class, they compile a list of all of the different words that they find.  If they speak a native language other than Spanish, that would be great for them to include as well!  This really touches not only communication but the aspect of communities as well.

3 thoughts on “Thanksgiving words in Spanish

  1. Maris,

    Thanks so much for the kind words about Speaking Latino.

    By the way, I love your activity suggestion. It’s a great way to introduce your students to the diversity of the Spanish language, and how complex it can be to translate concepts from one language to another. Both are often overlooked in language teaching.

    I’d love to see the results if you and your students do have a chance to compile the list. It’s going to be humorous, I promise! Pumpkin and cranberry, both typical words for us, are going to be a challenge in Spanish, I’ve had that experience myself.

    Good luck,


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