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Vocabulary “Logo Inspired” Game

I recently saw a commercial for a game called “Logo.”  I thought it would easily be adapted to the Spanish classroom for a vocabulary game.  Many teachers use components of this game, but I thought it would be great to combine them.  Divide the class into two to three teams depending on how large your class is.  The materials required are a whiteboard with a marker, a die, and play-doh.

One student would start, and he or she would choose a vocabulary word.  You could have flashcards for students to pick, or you could have the students pick their own word.  Then the student would roll the die.  If a student rolls a…

1, he or she has to perform the word and act it.

2, he or she has to draw the word.

3, he or she has to describe the word in the target language.

4, he or she has to sculpt the word using play-doh.

5, he or she can choose their mode to represent the word.

6, he or she can use a combination of any of these ideas.

After this, the student would have 30 seconds to demonstrate their word and have their team guess it.  If the team does not get it, the other team has the opportunity for one guess of the word.  This way, the other team stays engaged while it is not their turn.  If your team guesses the correct word, they earn a point.


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