When I was a little girl, I always wanted to be a writer.  I thought that all writers sat around coffee shops drinking coffee.  So that was goal number 2… to drink coffee!  I finally achieved that goal when I went to Greece and Spain.  I love frappes and café con leche!  I saw this authentic resource and thought that it would be great for a quick activity.  I could not find the original source- if you know it, please let me know!


To follow up, I would ask students to write if they like coffee.  They could also pick which type of coffee they would like or would like to try. Then they could ask other students what type of coffee they would like to make this a communicative activity.  If you project this on a whiteboard, students could vote for their favorite. This menu could also serve as a menu during a simulation exercise.  FYI- a few of the drinks have alcohol in them.  I always tell my students to behave appropriately and make wise decisions.  They normally do! 🙂

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