Exam/Thanksgiving Treats


I know that exams are stressful for students.  For my 7th graders, this is their first exam.  We practice and practice, but I enjoy giving them something the day of to ease the pain.  I give each student a little message from me on these Thanksgiving messages that says your teacher is thankful for you because…  I know that I have smaller classes which makes this more feasible, but I would definitely consider it even if you have a lot of students.  I write it in English, so they can all understand it.  If not, they will probably think it is another part of their exam!  It is important to be creative with each student because they will catch on if each one says “studious” or “kind.”  I also give each student a roll of Smarties, too.  🙂  I can typically find them at the dollar store.  If not, I try to find another piece of small candy to give to them.  I would definitely encourage you to start a little exam tradition with your own students!

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