Station Ideas: Vocabulary

While practicing vocabulary, I did a variation of stations.  I gave my students different options to practice their vocabulary, and they had to complete four of them.  It was another way to differentiate my instruction.  Here is a list of the ideas that I used which could also be used independently to practice vocabulary as well:

-Students completed a speaking test with me.  I used the book speaking activities for these.

-Students could complete a textbook activity.

-I gave students a chart of different vocabulary words.  They had to write five long sentences using their vocabulary.  In the chart, they had to create a BINGO with the words that they chose.  This way, I could make sure that the students did not pick all of the easy words.

-Students could write and draw a comic strip.  They had to include ten vocabulary words.

-Students could write a story.  I typically give them a requirement of how many words to use and how many sentences to write as well.

-I give a pair of students two different quizzes.  They can quiz their partner, and then they are quizzed by their partner.

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