Food Project: Feedback

Happy Halloween!  I am thinking about developing a fully blended class next year.  I think it would be a great chance to implement more project based learning in all of my classes.  I saw this idea for an ESL class about developing your own pizza and creating a commercial for it.  I think that it could be developed into a project for a food unit.

My question would be: “How can I develop a new twist on a traditional Hispanic food and market it?”  Students would then have to decide on a traditional Hispanic dish, and create a new version of the dish.  Once they created their new dish, they would have to create an advertising campaign for it.  They would have to create a logo.  Then they could make a commercial, advertisement, or social media campaign etc.

I was reading an article about soda companies in Mexico, and I found some social media that students could reference:

Gugar Soda: Twitter, Website, Facebook or Commercial

For those PBL experts, is this a good start??

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