La semana de arte: Brillante Viernes: October 25, 2013

Happy Friday!  I hope that you have enjoyed the art posts this week.  I am finishing it up with some more art/foreign language links for Friday.

1.  This blog does not exist, but I found an old picture of a Picasso self-portrait idea.  I am going to use it with the Picasso book at the end of the year.

2.  Speaking of Picasso, Sra. Dentlinger blogged about a wonderful interdisciplinary unit incorporating Picasso.

3.  Finally, here is an infographic that talks about Picasso.

4.  I love this idea about creating a video about critical multiculturalism.  I know that it could be created in the target language.

5.  Finally, this is a link for French teachers.  It is an art lesson that uses Monet and technology.

2 thoughts on “La semana de arte: Brillante Viernes: October 25, 2013

  1. I love the Picasso artwork idea! I wonder how it could be connected more personally to the students, something they’d relate to more than just imitating the master? Could the pictures show something about who they are and go with an introductions unit?

    1. Picasso started the idea of a collage. Students could put their heads in a collage as well. I think it would also be valuable for them to describe their heads and collages in the TL as well. We read the book Agentes Secretos, so I wanted to pair it with that book when they are learning about Picasso’s art work.

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