La semana de arte: Previous VSA art activities for the Spanish class

For a few years, I participated in a VSA arts exchange program.  While the program does not currently exist, they had some excellent lessons that could still be used in the classroom.  One of the first lesson plans included discussing what culture is.  I was working with fifth grade classes.  Many times, we assume that students know what culture is.  Many of my students did not have a firm grasp of the definition of culture.  We would discuss what culture is then the students would create a collage of American culture.  You could also assign students a Spanish-speaking country, and they could create a collage of culture from that country.  Here are some ideas about creating collages on the blog, I heart teaching art.

At the end, students would create postcards based on a theme.  One year, the theme was Through My Lens, and another year, the theme involved different sounds that they would hear in their daily lives.  They would describe their scenes in Spanish, and they would write a bit about themselves as well.  The beauty of the program was that we were matched up with another class, and we would receive postcards from their school as well.  I know that many of you are matched up with different classes.  You could use this lesson to exchange postcards with your class.  If you do not have another class, you could exchange postcards within your classes.

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