Resources for el Día de los Muertos

Here are some excellent resources for el Día de los Muertos.  The first is an infographic that introduces the altar and vocabulary for the day.  It would be excellent to use as a warm-up:



This link shows a bilingual poem about Day of the Dead.  The whole book is available online, and it includes bilingual fall poems.  Many of them are short, and they would be easy to read for a beginner.  I really like the dentist one and the poem about Thanksgiving.

When I taught elementary students, the younger ones loved Maya and Miguel!  Here is a video clip from the show.  It is in English, but I really like how they weave Spanish throughout the show.

Each year, I would buy loaves of Pan de Muertos from a Latin market to share with my students.  Even when I taught multiple classes, the bread was affordable because one loaf could feed a whole class.

This video doesn’t have any words, but it has some great imagery.  It would be great to reinforce the vocabulary from the info graphic.

This infographic shares the difference between Halloween and Día de los Muertos.  It would be excellent for students to make a Venn Diagram.  You could also present the differences and have students create their own info graphic; however, this would be for higher levels.

Hope some of these inspire you!

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