Picture vocabulary

Last year, I saw the idea of having students take photos of the vocabulary for their homework.  I later used their pictures on their vocabulary quizzes.  However, I think that this technology twist would really amplify the assignment.  They can go to Phrase It, and they can add a caption to their photos!  Each student could add a sentence to the picture.  It would also give them a way to photograph some harder words that are not as literal.  On their quiz, I typically have students label the pictures.  However, I could add a blank bubble and have students write a caption using the word from the picture.

Also, when I include pictures like this, I always add some extra to give students an option.  For example, I may include 12 pictures, and the students have to write 10.  There are always some words that we just completely forget.  I like to give students some margin of error in this respect.

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